Western Union is one of the market leaders in worldwide money transfer services. The service is often used by people living abroad who use it so support their loved-ones at home. In this large target group we find a mix of people with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Western Union is an innovative company and releases regularly new products and solutions for its customers. Its latest innovation is an app that allows customers to pre-register their transaction before even entering an agency. This is not only a real time-saver, but also allows you to enter all the data at your own comfort. Our challenge: create awareness for this new application and help customer with the initial setup of their account.

We developed a street marketing campaign with dedicated actions and trained promo teams from different cultural backgrounds to connect with the Western Union target group.

  • Our teams were present in targeted neighborhoods, markets, mosques, churches, train stations, subway stations, competing points of sale and ethnic shops. Most of all, we managed to create a first user base for the new app.

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