GO!, community education, is a Flemish public institution that organizes official education on behalf of the Flemish Community. Offering real opportunities to young people, combating segregation, developing talents and valuing every talent equally. That is and will remain the social responsibility of GO! in the 21st century.

This year GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap exists 30 years. To celebrate this, we need a festive style that can be used throughout the entire school year and over all communications.

To answer this briefing we developed a very distinctive and colorful style by using… paper craft!

We started with the key visual: a GO! city made out of buildings that refer to frequently used school supplies, as well as the well known GO! bus.

Then, we gave the logo a make over: some cheering pupils and a waving ’30 years’ flag had what it takes to make a good logo a great logo. Because this logo certainly deserved some attention, we launched a stop motion video which shows the arrival of this specially made logo.

Finally, a few other short stop motion videos were created to announce the GO! festival that will take place during spring time.

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