Mucovereniging vzw is an association created to support people with cystic fibrosis (muco) and their families. 

Actually, there was no briefing… During an internal brainstorm, we came up with an idea for an awareness campaign around cystic fibrosis that was just too good not to share it. So, we immediately looked up the details for “Mucovereniging”, called them, set up a meeting, presented our idea, went back to the office and started production!

Our campaign was named ‘Buiten adem’, in English ‘Out of breath’.

We hit the streets, introduced ourselves as a new “travel agency” and invited people to participate in a little game. The game was quite simple, we asked people to read (what seemed like) a promotional text in only one breath. But the farther they got, and therefore the harder it got, the text started to change… The reactions were accordingly…

The video was shared via YouTube and we also made a website:

  • This campaign really hit the spot… On the day of the launch we hit all national media, we were live in the studio of RADIO2 (the biggest radio station in Flanders) and the social impact of this campaign went through the roof. Cystic Fibrosis was back on the agenda and people now realize that without their support a cure is far away!

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