O’Tacos is a French fast food chain founded in 2010, with the first store opening in Bordeaux, France. Headquartered in Ivry, near Paris, O’Tacos has restaurants all over France and has also expanded internationally: it is found in various cities in Belgium, Marrakesh in Morocco, Utrecht in The Netherlands and Brooklyn in the United States.

In September 2018, O’Tacos decided to broaden its horizon and open its first restaurant in The Netherlands, Utrecht. We were asked to work out a campaign to create awareness around the opening and to make a connection with the target group.

The key message was to let the target audience, youngsters, understand that O’Tacos is not just a normal Mexican taco. It’s a tacos ‘the French way’.

That’s why we created the concept #JustBetter. Within this concept, regular recognizable situations were pimped into over the top scenes. The result? Three spicy social videos that were distributed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

In addition to this online communication, bicycle seat covers were distributed in Utrecht and posters were to be admired throughout the city.

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