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Handicap International believes that physical revalidation is crucial for a successful social re-integration. In short… Handicap International wants to provide key physical care and access to rehab in third world countries across the world for disabled peopled to be able to regain their place in society.

To raise awareness for their mission, we created #WeMoveTogether. Instead of just asking for donations, we decided it’s much more valuable to create a tight community that feels and believes getting things to move over here, can make a huge difference over there. Literally.

As part of the  #WeMoveTogether movement, the iconic Handicap International blue laces were relaunched. They could be worn as a symbol to show support. For the campaign 14 guided walks were created with local partners all over Belgium for families to discover, to come in contact with Handicap International and align themselves with the cause. Creating fans, before sponsors.

Let's Move Together?

 T. +32 3 289 88 48 | E.