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Handicap International sees physical rehabilitation as the key to successful social reintegration. People all over the world deserve to be supported and cared for when they are in need, but only a small proportion of the world’s population has access to high-quality treatment. This is where Handicap International is stepping up.

Together we created a movement to help support proper rehabilitation care worldwide dubbed #WeMoveTogether. As the hashtag suggests, we want to form a tight community where we all move together. Our reason to believe is that if we get things in motion here, we can make a huge difference to those in need.

As part of the #WeMoveTogether movement, we created 7 unique walks in cities and natural areas in Belgium in cooperation with local partners. During these walks, various experts from Handicap International share their experiences through podcasts. While exploring the beautiful surroundings and walking together with the employees of Handicap International, #WeMoveTogether to support better rehabilitation care worldwide.

Browse and download the walks for free here:

Let's Move Together?

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