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Erkend Friturist

Horeca Vlaanderen en Done by Friday celebrate (the culture of) Belgian fries!

To support the frituristen who cherish and treasure the culture of Belgian fries as much as we do, we developed the ‘Erkend Friturist’ label. A proof of quality and recognition given by Horeca Vlaanderen, in collaboration with Navefri and VLAIO.

Done by Friday created the ‘Erkend Friturist’ for those professionals who prioritize quality, hygiene and professionalism and thus offer our Belgian gold with pride. They can be recognized by their certificate and window sticker.

Being an Erkend Friturist is something to be proud about. So we made sure they could share their pride. A POS communication-kit was delivered together with each certificate.

Wondering if your favorite shop received the recognition?
Then be sure to take a look at where you will find them all.

What was Done by Friday?
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