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Politiezone Antwerpen

Waar anders?

Politiezone Antwerpen is constantly seeking new talents. Therefore, a few years ago, the zone launched a recruitment campaign, “ANDERS,” which focused mainly on all the equipment and resources they had at its disposal and with which it distinguished itself from other police forces. 

Since Politiezone Antwerpen also wanted to show that they innovate and invest in people, they wanted a renewed campaign, ANDERS 2.0. We decided to put 5 services in the spotlight, namely: ‘wijkwerking’, ‘orida’, ‘interventie’, ‘mobiele eenheid’ and ‘burgerprofielen’.

We made visually powerful campaign images by combining the wanted profiles with images of Antwerp itself. In video, we brought several realistic scenarios to life in the silhouette of a police profile.  

The campaign material was prominently placed in the streets using, among others, OOH, but also two metros were completely covered with campaign images. They drove through Antwerp for a whole month.

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“We waren op zoek naar een nieuwe visuele identiteit, die toch mooi bleef aansluiten bij onze ANDERS-boodschap. Geen eenvoudige opdracht, maar ieders harde werk en kritische blik heeft tot dit prachtige resultaat geleid. Elk detail in de nieuwe campagne klopt. Ze ademt Politiezone Antwerpen, en dat is exact hoe wij het voor ogen hadden” 

Kim Bastiaens (Deskundige Communicatie Woordvoerder, Politiezone Antwerpen)

Want to do things "ANDERS"?

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